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We are a full-time firestop contractor

Firestop is not a secondary business at Hamilton Benchmark. We do one thing, we do it right, and we do it better than anyone else. Currently Hamilton Benchmark is approved as a firestop contractor Class 4991.

Hamilton Benchmark, Inc.:

  • Commitment to Firestopping Industry through Effective Compartmentatation and Firestopping — Sealing Fire Resistance Rated Walls and Floors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings.
  • Commitment to Fire and Life Safety through Education at FCIA Seminars and study of the FCIA Manual of Practice.
  • Commitment to Fire and Life Safety through Quality Process FM 4491, Standard for the Approval of Firestopping Contractors, ASTM E 2174 – Standard for the Inspection of Through Penetration Firestops.
  • Firestopping Operations Quality means less inspection, less total installed system cost.
  • Commitment to the DIIM philosophy of a quality process that demands proper design, installation, inspection, and maintenance.

Our commitment to rigid quality standards means we are committed to doing the job right.

Through penetrations

Construction joints

  • Fire-rated
  • Non-fire-rated

Exterior thermal package

Fire-rated shaft systems

  • Constructing horizontal and vertical shaft systems
  • Insulative shaft alternatives
  • Shaft Enclosures (top and bottom)