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  Normal changes to your facility require policies to maintain the integrity of your fire barriers

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The design and implementation of a Fire Barrier Management Program provides the facilities management team with the necessary tools to gain control of the integrity of your fire barriers.

Even if your facility is constructed to meet firestop codes, remodeling, office buildouts, updating, tech upgrades, life safety and other equipment installation can damage the integrity of your fire barriers. Contractors may not properly seal fire-rated barriers, leaving you vulnerable. Several different types of trades people working in your facility may think that simply resealing breaches with red caulk is enough — but they are wrong. They could be damaging the integrity of your fire-rated barriers — and you don’t even know it!

Maintaining integrity of fire barriers is of special importance for health care institutions, which rely on ongoing compliance to maintain the licensing and eligibility for federal reimbursement programs.

Recent Changes to International Building Code and International Fire Code Requires marking and identification of fire-rated construction and annual surveys documenting the integrity of fire barriers and partitions.

When we work with you on a fire barrier management plan, we’ll put you back in control of your fire barriers. A written set of policies, criteria and specifications will guide your staff and outside contractors to help you stay in compliance.

But first, we’ll survey your facility and label the fire-rated walls and floors for hourly fire rating. This will help keep you in compliance — and could help you save money by preventing inadvertent sealing of non-rated walls and barriers.